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Re: pkexec hangup on wheezy armhf

On Fri, 11 Jul 2014 05:25:04 +0800
柳永峰 <sophiasmth@gmail.com> wrote:

> When i run
> pkexec find /
> I typed the correct password, the output is
> /
> Hangup
> I googled a bit but not find an answer. What's the possible reason
> for this problem?

This doesn't answer your question, I'm just curious: why not sudo,
assuming the user you want is root?


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There are some xxx-pkexec software in debian, It's a general problem for all these softwares, I just show an example.

BTW. I finally confirmed this problem is related to systemd somehow, when i switch to sysvinit, the problem disappeared, and if i use systemd, problem appeared again.

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