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Re: vps supporting debian dist-upgrade.

On Mon, Jul 28, 2014 at 10:07:06PM +0300, Alexandros Prekates wrote:
> My vps provider informed (after me having trouble upgrading to wheezy)
> that such upgrades are unsupported and the suggest to switch to a new
> server.
> My question is if that kind of support is really difficult to find , or
> is it inhereted in the technology used for virtualization so i could
> easily find it elsewhere.
> Could the community help me giving me some guide what to check for in
> searching for that king of support.
> aprekates

I'm hosting stuff at contabo.com and have full control of my server.
I upgraded it from squeeze to wheezy, etc.
I don't see how such a thing can be "unsupported" if you have shell
access. If you don't have shell access, your hosting provider sucks.

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