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Re: Exim4 not routing local mail, even after exim4-config (was New 64bit installation: Exim4 Send to Root)

On Sun 27 Jul 2014 at 17:34:54 +0300, David Baron wrote:

> #dc_eximconfig_configtype='internet'
> dc_eximconfig_configtype='smarthost'
> dc_other_hostnames='dovidhalevi.homelinux.net'
> dc_local_interfaces=''
> #dc_readhost='d_baron'
> dc_readhost='dovidhalevi.homelinux.net'
> dc_relay_domains=''
> dc_minimaldns='false'
> dc_relay_nets=''
> dc_smarthost='smtp.012.net.il'
> ec_use_split_config='true'
> dc_hide_mailname='true'
> dc_mailname_in_oh='true'
> dc_localdelivery='mail_spool'
> dc_use_split_config='true'

Looks ok. Apart from the line "ec_use_split_config='true'". You have
"dc_use_split_config='true'"; I do not know what "ec" is. Probably no
harm is done.

>       localhost
>       dovidhalevi.homelinux.net       dovidhalevi

Again looks ok. "homelinux.net" is some sort of dyndns thing, isn't it?

> >   /etc/mailname
> localhost.localdomain
> This is the first answer on the reconfig, probably should not be this?

This is not ok. Exim uses what is in /etc/mailname to qualify an address
without a domain name. For example, if the mail is sent to david then
exim cannot let it go out like that so will add localhost.localdomain
and send it david@localhost.localdomain. smtp.012.net.il will be unable
to deliver it because localhost.localdomain in not in the DNS. The mail
should be returned to you.

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