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Re: Theme control in Xfce4

Paul Condon wrote:
On 20140726_0639+0200, Bzzzz wrote:
On Fri, 25 Jul 2014 22:26:02 -0600
Paul Condon <pecondon1@gmail.com <mailto:pecondon1@gmail.com>> wrote:

> on with my imperfect eye-hand coordination. I want the old Crux
> back. Is there a package of 'legacy' themes? What is its name?

I don't know if it can be recovered; however, you could  go in
/usr/share/themes as root, create your own theme directory,
copy the actual Crux theme in it and modify it according to
your needs.
This way, whatever the changes, you'll be able to keep it
the way you want.

Because of a totally different malfunction, I am using gmail to post
my question to this list in spite of my total unfamiliarity in its
proper use. Now I am unsure of how to link this reply
into the thread started by my original post. There must be a way,
in the gmail user interface, to post a reply to a list, but maybe
not. Oh well.

Back to composing the reply to Bzzzz:

I found the theme collection where you said it would be. The content
of a theme seems to be a collection of text files with names matching
the expression '*.xpm' I know how to copy the whole lot of them into
a different directory in a different place where I could modify them,
but what is xpm? I think it might be possible for me to learn enough
about xpm to make the change needed, if you can get me started.

A question about what I found: In the themes directory, there is also
a theme named 'Cruxish' (just after 'Crux' in alphabetical
order), but
in Xfce4 Applications Menu -> Settings -> Appearance
Crux appears in the pick-list of themes, but Cruxish does not.
all I need to do is make Xfce4 offer me Cruxish?

OTOH, your suggestion of making my own personal theme and squirreling
it away somewhere where I can recover it across dist-upgrades and
netinst is the better long term solution.

Your advice?

Paul E Condon

Only had a few minutes to look and was interupted.

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