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Re: 30 second wait kernel 3.14.12-1

Michael Biebl wrote:
Am 25.07.2014 16:27, schrieb Hugo Vanwoerkom:
Michael Biebl wrote:
Am 25.07.2014 04:44, schrieb Hugo Vanwoerkom:

Anybody venture a guess as to what is happening? I have a 5 second
rootdelay specified in the kernel parameter list and this happens after
that. I get no messages during the wait.
If you edit /lib/udev/net.agent and change

do_everything > /dev/null 2> /dev/null &


( do_everything ) > /dev/null 2> /dev/null &

is the delay gone?

as if by magic, delay gone...
how did you find out?

The 30 second timeout is a udev internal timeout.
udevadm settle waits for that amount of time for all events to be processed.

Apparently, simply backgrounding the process via "&" is no longer
sufficient to make udev consider this event to be processed.
I suspect open file descriptors, but I still need to figure out all the
details. The subshell is only a workaround I quickly came up with.

Great job! Thanks!


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