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Re: tune2fs: last write time is weeks or even months ago, moreover before last reboot

On 07/24/2014 03:44 PM, David Guyot wrote:
> Hello, there.


> I checked RAID attributes: I
> got a full scale reading on the read error rate on one of the two disks
> — in fact a 2^16 value, so I assumed this was a positive integer
> counter which reached its full scale reading — but this value disappeared
> when I tried to investigate and dropped back to zero. Already a problem
> because, as far as I know, this value just can't decrease, only increase;
> am I right to suspect a faulty hard disk ?

If it is a Hitachi, the raw read error rate can switch between 0, 1, and
the 2^16 without the disk being faulty. My only Hitachi disk also does
this and works quite well. I also remember seeing some blog/article on
the Internet explaining this behaviour but I do not currently find it.

Considering the rest of your issues, I do not know, but the slowness is
definitely a bad sign. Is a simple reboot an option?


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