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Re: FWIW: script vs. configurtion file

Zenaan Harkness writes:
 > Scripting has its place, but from my extensive reading
 > of systemd docs and some of the old sysv startup scripts
 > (for postfix and various others over the years), give me
 > systemd unit files any day! Preference. Mine.

"De gustibus non disputandum est" (you can't argue about personal taste)

In the list of things I don't like of crapsystemd, the format
of the configuration files comes last and least :).

 > For games customization,

Games only? Whenever a user has to do repetitive tasks, giving a scripting
capability improves the user experience. And since you have this scripting
capability, handling configuration through that is a wise move.

Scripting makes a program extensible when you can't achieve extensibility
by composition with other programs.

And depending on which service a daemon does, extensibility may be
crucial or useless :).

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