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Re: a simple script for restoring downloaded debs

Andrei POPESCU wrote:
>songbird wrote:
>> Andrei POPESCU wrote:
>> >songbird wrote:
>> >>   the other night i accidentally deleted the debs i
>> >> normally keep in the /var/cache/apt/archives directory
>> >=3D2E..=3D20
>> >>   so here is round 1 of the script (which gets 90% of
>> >> the packages back for me from my backup archive at
>> >> /myarchive/debian/jessie).=3D20
>> >
>> > A few suggestions:
>> >
>> > - to find packages you might want to use dpkg-query instead of parsing=
>> >   the output of 'dpkg -l'
>>   hmm, looked at:
>> me@ant(7)~$ dpkg-query -l | egrep "^ii  " | wc -l
>> 2377
> I was rather thinking about --showformat ...
> Kind regards,
> Andrei

  i see what you mean now.  :)  probably will
leave it as is for the moment, i'm close enough
now that i have to check what is left by hand to
see why they're missing, i may have just not 
gotten those ones copied to the archive.  as it
stands the script is fairly done with a few added
parts.  i'll probably do that the next few days
to add a bit to generate a download script for
the missing debs.  think that will pretty much
take care of it.


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