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Re: Where to put start-up and shutdown code from `man 4 random`?

On Fri, 11 Jul 2014, Kynn Jones wrote:
> The documentation in `man 4 random` (**Configuration** section) gives a
> couple of shell-script snippets that it recommends should be added,
> respectively, "to an appropriate script which is run during the Linux
> start-up sequence" and "to an appropriate script which is run during the
> Linux system shutdown".  (It is silent on what those "appropriate scripts"
> should be.)

Debian already does this properly in sysvinit mode.  So Debian wheezy is
covered.  Refer to /etc/init.d/urandom

For Debian jessie and sid, I haven't audited the systemd stuff to make sure
this thing actually runs when it should, but there is code to initialize the
random pool in systemd (file src/random-seed/random-seed.c).  It looks like
it does a slightly worse job than the sysvinit shell script (fails to mix in
high-res current time), but this is should be harmless on recent kernels
(which have a much better random subsystem initialization).

systemd could be enhanced to do a lot better: mix in clock_gettime() output,
and other variable and machine-specific data such as the kernel and systemd
logbuffer, as well any other not-security-sensitive systemd state, all of it
compressed[1] through a crypto hash.  This is _NOT_ to "add randomness",
although it will have a little entropy.  This is a best-effort defense
against equal pool state between otherwise nearly identical boxes[2], and it
is valuable even when the kernel already tried to do it.

[1] think of it as a extremely lossy compression: we only care to retain
    the entropy in the source data.

[2] http://eprint.iacr.org/2012/064, https://freedom-to-tinker.com/blog/nadiah/new-research-theres-no-need-panic-over-factorable-keys-just-mind-your-ps-and-qs/

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