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Re: I'm not a huge fan of systemd

Am 08.07.2014 20:07, schrieb Chris Bannister:
> apt-cache policy systemd-sysv
> systemd-sysv:
>   Installed: 204-8
>   Candidate: 204-8
>   [...]
> and yet:
> # grep sleep /etc/init.d/* | wc -l
> 28
> # ls /etc/init.d/* | wc -l
> 58
> And yet it still boots fast.

Oh, that is just a misunderstanding.

The existence of the sysv init script doesn't necessarily mean they are
actually used.

Debian policy currently still requires that packages ship a SysV init
script even if the package has a native systemd .service file which will
be used by systemd.

Fortunately, systemd prefers native service files.

So if you have a /etc/init.d/foo SysV init script and a
/lib/systemd/system/foo.service unit, systemd will use the latter.


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