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Fools rush in where Angels fear to tread: systemd

I am a foolish user of Wheezy. I want to see for myself 
what will happen if I switch to systemd today. I find on
wiki.debian.org/systemd a document with steps needed to
install and test systemd, but I have trouble:
After using apt-get to install the systemd package the 
next step is (verbatim):

To test systemd before switching to it by default, you can add the following boot parameter to the kernel:

(end verbatim)

How do I add this parameter to the kernel? I think I must open some
file somewhere, probably in /etc and edit it with vim or emacs
(hopefully my choise) and I should place this string correctly within
that file:

What file (full path) ?
What position within the file?

I think I might be able to guess the position, once I know the path to
the file, and can read its pre-existing content, but I am not such a
fool as to assume that the position will be obvious to a fool.

Thanks and 
best hopes for 
systemd. ;-/

Paul E Condon           

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Paul E Condon           

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