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Re: Tell Debian to use local time?

(Added inadvertently omitted subject)

On Sat, Jul 5, 2014 at 3:01 PM, Erwan David <erwan@rail.eu.org> wrote:
Le 05/07/2014 21:38, Nelson Green a écrit :
> Good afternoon,
> This morning I had the mis-fortune of creating a dual-boot system with
> Debian on
> a machine that already had windows installed on. I installed a second hard
> drive, installed Debian, and almost everything works. But I apparently
> told the
> installer that the system clock is set to UTC, when it is not (because
> windows
> has no real concept of time).
> So when I boot to windows the displayed time is the actual local time,
> but when
> I boot into Debian the displayed time is four hours behind local time.
> If I do a
> date -u the time that is displayed is the correct local time.
> I have modified /etc/adjtime and removed the UTC line, but every time
> I boot up
> Debian the line re-appears, and the displayed time is still four hours
> behind.
> So how do I tell the Debian system that the hardware clock is set to
> local time
> in an effort to compensate for the lessor system's inability to
> correctly manage
> time?
> Thanks,
> Nelson

You can tell windows to use UTC internally (while still displaying local

Thanks Erwan, but I am afraid I have to leave the windows installation alone.
Fortunately I rarely have to mess with windows, and as a general rule I don't
lower my standards to theirs, but in this case I have no choice, at least until
we can eliminate windows from the equation completely.

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