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New 64-bit Installation, comments

Actually was quite painless, rapid, certainly OK!


1. Opted for use whole (new) disk, separate partitions (LVM would have 
made logical partitions on one big physical partition). I could not figure 
out how to modify them so have most of 1T disk as /home. No room for 
/opt, /usr/local and such. Might simply make directories on /home and 
then mount them appropriately to /opt, /usr/local. Meanwhile have not 
(can not) reinstall anything to these.

2. Had I left the repositories as the special ones for this install, would 
have no problems with it. Changed sources.list to normal sid, testing, 
etc repositories. Now the problems began :-(

3. As previously stated, apt is broken because of apt-listbugs which is 
apparently broken because of (Ruby) gettext? Some way to get around 
this meanwhile? --  Apper (KDE replacemtn of kpackage, I suppose), does 
not hit apt-listbugs. Was functional but stopped installing anything. Need 
some way to bet around this as well. Dpkg still works fine (if there be no 
dependency problems).

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