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Re: Install both PHP53 and PHP54 with dotdeb on squeeze ?

Grégoire COUTANT wrote:
> Darac Marjal a écrit :
> >Your best bet is to use some sort of virtualisation to create two
> >distinct environments. Depending on what you want, that could be
> >anywhere from a full virtual machine down to a container or a chroot.
> >Alternatively, there may be some sort of php-specific switching (like
> >python has virtualenv).

This is what I am doing for one web application.  I use a chroot
environment to run an older version of PHP in an Etch environment
which requires some binary blob libs for a specific legacy
application.  One of these years I will kill that off but until then I
have it relatively contained in a chroot behind a proxy.  That works
fairly well.

> Yes, install a new machine is a possible solution, but I want to
> first explore the feasibility of installing on the same server in
> two versions of PHP.

I am just noting that you are not the only one with the problem and
that for my personal preference the chroot solution worked quite well
and is light weight.  Of course there are many other container
possibilities too.

Good luck!


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