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Boot hangs with Debian Jessie on Toshiba Satellite C55-A

Hello all,

I have a brand new Toshiba Satellite C55-A-1ND. I have installed it so that it dual-boots Win8 and Debian (this was an adventure in itself). The problem is that I cannot get Jessie to boot. It just seems to hang after: "Loading initial ramdisk".

Here are the things I tried so far:

* It's not a secureboot/fastboot/UEFI thing. Secureboot and fastboot are off and I got Grub EFI running.

* Grub is able to find the bootfiles. When I go to grub console and enter the startup commands manually, the vmlinuz in initrd files are found. I also get no errors after loading them. Here's the list of commands I execute:

insmod gzio
insmod part_gpt
insmod ext2
set root='hd0,gpt7'
linux /boot/vmlinuz-3.14-1-amd64 root=/dev/sda7 ro
initrd /boot/initrd.img-3.14-1-amd64

During this process I get no errors. After 'boot' it just seems to hang. Nothing happens.

* Adding nomodeset or xforcevesa as boot parameters doesn't help

* Updating initrd (update-initramfs -u) doesn't help

* Thinking it may be a graphics issue (e.g. system boots, I just don't see it) made me try installing the proprietary nvidia graphics drivers. No result.

* Someone on #debian-next said my system was an optimus-based system, so In installed bubmlebee-nvidia and primus. No effect.

The strange thing is that the jessie netinst CD works just fine. I can boot it in both text as graphics mode and use it to install jessie and to enter rescue mode.

I am all out of ideas. Can someone help me figure out what is wrong?

Kind regards,

Sander Marechal

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