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Re: Can't install Debian - USB keyboard doesn't turn on until Windows loads

On Sat, 28 Jun 2014 10:57:23 -0700
"Thomas D. Dean" <tomdean@wavecable.com> wrote:

> Maybe you need to clear the BIOS settings?  I have never had to do
> that.

From what he said, he's done that (although removing the battery
don't work, except if you wait for "some time" because of the
capacitor(s) power backup).
IF this was done correctly (jumper or short circuit of 2 points),
we could assume a non-ps/2 machine resetting its BIOS would, by
default, enable legacy USB; but we can't be sure 100%…

About the key typing time windows, I've seen BIOSes that only
left ~1s, which is quite short (addon cards, such as SCSI 
controllers, can also reduce the window).

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