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Re: Can't install Debian - USB keyboard doesn't turn on until Windows loads

On 6/28/14, 8:35 AM, Kent West wrote:
On 6/27/14, 9:12 PM, Kitty Cat wrote:
I can't install Debian. The USB keyboard doesn't turn on until Windows loads.

I had a computer once which exhibited this behavior. It's not Debian-related; it's hardware related. I couldn't even get into the BIOS,...

I'm rethinking that (it's been a long time, and my memory fails me); I might could get into the BIOS; I vaguely recall going in and checking it for such things as Legacy USB support. But otherwise, my memory tells me I was seeing what you describe. I remember that it "felt" like a flakey motherboard; if I recall correctly, it had come in for repair after a lightning strike at the owner's house had fried the power supply or jolted the drive into death, or something similar (and another tech had resurrected it to the point of running Windows, but the original owner had given up on it by then and bought a more recent computer anyway). Although the mobo appeared fine otherwise, the keyboard just wouldn't work outside of Windows. It was very weird to me.


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