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mail client question?

greetings folks,
Going to ask this question very carefully and I hope tight enough to stay focused on the question smiles.
My nonprofit organization has a hosting account with dream host.
As a part of the account we get a shell platform, text based fortunately for me. Because dreamhost uses debian for its accounts, the shell options offered are taken from debian squeeze. They are changing over to Ubintu because of unhappiness with wheezy. still our account has not been changed yet. That is why I am asking the question below here. Dreamhost provides alpine as a mail client on the shell. I am a bit aware of its function, we have it here at shellworld. We also still have pine though, which I admit I much prefer especially after my experiences working with our office mail.
I have two different questions.
First alpine keeps freezing while I am in my inbox claiming that the mail folder is closed due to access issues. Now I have gotten a ssl/tls error, stating that my server is not properly configured for tls and suggesting that I add notls to lines where my mail server name appears in alpine's configuration areas.
May I ask just what this will mean as to security?
For reasons that seem to be really confusing the alpine program, dreamhost tech support decided to add an imap structure. The most noticeable difference is that folders I require and that are standard with alpine are missing...like the sent messages one. Alpine is looking for where to place these things without success. with my inbox freezing after three minutes or so of use I cannot tell if hings I just sent were actually sent etc.
Frustrating to say the least.
My second question, <yes all the above is a part of one smiles,> has to do with a mail client alternative. Is there a comparative mail client to alpine that is text focused and comes standard in the console edition of debian that I might explore? I*must* use this shell only.I stress this to keep ideas as specific as possible.I cannot add programs to the console area, to the shell structure provided with our account.
Thanks in advance for your wisdom.

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