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Re: Should I install chkrootkit?

On Sunday 08 June 2014 22:11:53 Charles Kroeger wrote:
> next question: how does one see a 'hidden file' if one receives a warning
> in rkhunter about having two on your system? I can always delete /etc/.java
> and /etc/.fstab but what then? (why the 'dot' in front of the .java and
> .fstab)
> Warning: Hidden directory found: '/etc/.java'
> Warning: Hidden file found: /etc/.fstab: ASCII text

The dot indicates that it is a hidden file, which will not normally appear in 
your file manager display or in lists at the command line.  See Joe's 
explanation for that.

So the word "hidden" and the dot in front of the directory name say the same 


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