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Re: Should I install chkrootkit?

Hello, Charles.

I would suggest you to reinstall sysvinit, it's a core package which
manages processes launch at boot time. Not surprising it shows you some
sort of garbage when you open it in a text editor, it is a binary file
and, as such, is designed to be run by your hardware, not to be opened
and be read by a human.

If that doesn't work, that result could be a false positive ;
anti-malware software are prone to display such errors where there is no
malware, for example because the scanned program contains low level code
which could be a malware code. Because /sbin/init is a very
low level program, and a core one, this result could of course be a
false positive. If the package reinstall doesn't solve this warning, I
suggest you to contact your scan program developers to ask them if such
false positive results are known, and, if so, how to get rid of it.

Hoping this helps you,


Le jeudi 05 juin 2014 à 18:29:54 -0400, Charles Kroeger a écrit:
> On Wed, 04 Jun 2014 14:30:02 +0200
> David Guyot <david.guyot@europecamions-interactive.com> wrote:
> > Anyone saying that Debian and its software are flawless lies or
> > doesn't know what's he is talking about.
> How true. And by the way, I have had chkrootkit installed for a long time and the
> other day I ran it after an upgrade and voilà:
> Searching for Suckit rootkit...       Warning: /sbin/init       INFECTED
> as a Sysadmin what do you suggest I can do to rid myself if this? Looking
> into /sbin/init only shows a lot of stuff that looks like modern art.
> I await your help, RSVP
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> CK
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