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Re: Should I install chkrootkit?

On 08/06/14 07:02, Jerry Stuckle wrote:
> The problem with killfiling people like this is you often lose good
> comments in a discussion.
> I can put up with a few bad types - I just don't let them bother me. But
> the good information they often have is worth a few idiots to me.
> A perfect example: I remember back a few months ago someone said they
> killfiled Ralf.  And while I don't always agree with Ralf or what he
> says, I've learned a lot from him (as well as others in this newsgroup).
> Maybe I'm different because I'm not anywhere near a Debian expert, and
> am always trying to learn.

Agreed 100% - for a change ;-)

(with no killfile, but fairly strict anti-spam setup)

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