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Re: interpreting Gkrellm charts

On 06/01/2014 11:51 AM, Gary Dale wrote:
On 01/06/14 02:20 PM, Curt wrote:
On 2014-06-01, Gary Dale <garydale@torfree.net> wrote:
Curious. I noticed that nepomuk-server and dolphin both had a number of
zombie processes (around 16 each) attached. I killed the parent
processes then did a reinstall of dolphin and libnepomukcore4.
Nepomuk-server isn't running but I did restart dolphin. No current
zombie processes after a couple of hours and no slowdowns either.

Quite a few hits (bugs and threads) when you do an NSA-compatible google
search for high cpu usage with nepomuk.
Probably, but getting to nepomuk is the hard part. Besides, I wasn't having high CPU usage. Whatever the "load" stats showed, it wasn't CPU or memory use. And the high disk i/o didn't show as being caused by nepomuk or any other process.

I just recently re-installed my Debian Wheezy system to upgrade to a 64 bit system ( mistakenly installed 32 bit the first time). I use KDE as well. After installation, the KDE System Monitor showed all 4 of my processors at near 100% capacity. Almost all of the load was due to nepomuk. I read that this could take some time to settle out and let things run over night. The next morning my 500 GB hard drive was full. Of what I don't know. Purging KDE and reinstalling KDE-Full solved the problem. I still don't know what actually happened but suspect a bug in nepomuk-server.

Gary R.

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