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Re: Create backup of system-connections on a USB stick

On 31/05/2014 2:51 PM, Horatio Leragon wrote:
> I would like to back up system-connections (full path is
> /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections) on to a USB stick.
> The folder in question contains the imported profiles of several OpenVPN
> config files.
> I tried to drag the said folder to my USB stick unsuccessfully. The
> error message is "Permission denied".

The most simplest of answers have already been provided.  Perhaps you
need to do a bit more work yourself now.

If you don't have root access to the device, then you shouldn't be
copying the configs -- if you do have root access, this shouldn't be
difficult to achieve what you need using basic GNU tools provided as
part of most distributions, including Debian.

A Debian Live CD/DVD/USB might be useful if you don't have the root
password and you are able to boot from other media.


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