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Re: Directly connecting two computers

On Sun, Apr 27, 2014 at 03:53:38PM +0200, Pascal Hambourg wrote:
> >> On one computer I have this entry in /etc/network/interfaces
> >> auto eth0
> >> iface eth0 inet static
> >>     address
> >>     pointopoint
> >>     netmask

> First, did you check the ethernet level connectivity ?
> Do the link lights lit when you plug the cable in ?
> What is the output of "ifconfig eth0" and "ethtool eth0" or "mii-tool"
> (if any is installed) ?

It apears that crossover cable was wrong. I get the other one from
another source and after replacing cable everything worked. (Apparently
the repairmen who made the first cable wrongly connected the wires!)
Just for the record before getting the new cable I changed entry in
interfaces file to:

iface eth0 inet static

>From the replies I read my original setting should work also but I will
not change current setting because it works now.

Thanks to everybody for they help (and I am going to pay a friendly visit
to man who sold me faulty cable...)

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