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Re: Long-term support for Squeeze

On Mi, 19 mar 14, 11:42:25, Scott Ferguson wrote:
> This may be of interest to those, like me, still have Debian Squeeze
> deployed:-
> http://rgeissert.blogspot.com.au/2014/03/debian-squeeze-lts.html
> NOTE: it's the blog of a Debian developer, not click-bait. But I haven't
> disabled Ad-Block so don't know if it's ad-free.
> Partial quotes:-
> "As announced in the "Bits from the Security Team" email a couple of
> weeks ago, it is possible that Debian squeeze will have Long Term
> Support, primarily in the way of security updates.
> <snipped>

This is official now:

> Perhaps it wasn't stressed enough in the email, but those who are
> interested in benefiting from (and therefore contributing to) long term
> support, please do contact the security team NOW.
> After all, the clock keeps ticking and Debian squeeze is going to reach
> its End of Life in less than two months otherwise."

Contributions are still wanted though.

Kind regards,
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