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Re: Is it a bug -- mount does not work on interfaces? [RESOLVED]

Hi Don,

I found what the problem was about half an hour ago -- the clue was found in logfiles

/var/log/syslog.1:Apr 24 10:29:19 vega mountd[1320]: refused mount request from for /export/home (/export/home): unmatched host

I got confused with my old configuration (Red Hat 7.3) where 'mount' command resolved computer name into DHCP assigned ip address and not to loopback/ as it happens in Debian Wheezy/Squeezy.

Once I modified /etc/exports to


everything started to work as expected-- 'mount' has changed it's behavior what required an adjustment on my part.

Thank you Don,

On 4/24/2014 12:14 PM, Dom wrote:
On 24/04/14 18:51, Snow Leopard wrote:

OS: wheezy / squeeze

Could somebody explain what wrong?
Why mount refuses to mount through loopback interface?

The issue can be reproduced in your system with next set of commands

root# mkdir -p /exports/home
root# cat >> /etc/exports

This is allowing access to all clients on network

root# exportfs -ra
root# mount -t nfs /mnt

You haven't allowed access to clients on network

You probably need something like this in /etc/exports:

(all on one line, that probably got wrapped)

No bug. Just wrong configuration.

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