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Re: Alternatives to grub and lilo? was grub2 menu problems

On 2014-04-23, Steve Litt <slitt@troubleshooters.com> wrote:
> On Wed, 23 Apr 2014 17:54:22 +0600
> Muntasim Ul Haque <tranjeeshan@inventati.org> wrote:
>> When I press Enter then it boots into Windows 8 without any problem.
>> So I don't have any big issue here except Windows 8 is detected as
>> Windows Vista and that occurrence of error message. So what's the
>> remedy?
> Grub used to be good software. Predictable, non-surprising, one config
> file you edited with an editor. Those days are gone.
> Now, with grub 2, I need to be an expert on seven or so files that get
> processed into one big one, which acts as the config. I don't mind
> acquiring expertise for something important like LaTeX for writing
> books or Python for making my computer do my bidding, but I don't want
> to spend hours or days gaining expertise just for a program telling the
> computer the kernel and initrd locations, and a few other things. With
> gui, splash screens, frame-buffers, and all sorts of other gobblty-gook.
> I considered going back to LILO, but it still has no understanding of
> filesystems: It's easy to bork and hard to fix. Not as hard as Grub 2
> though.
> Is there a simpler bootloader that works with Linux? I don't want GUI.
> I don't want a framebuffer. I don't want a splash screen. And I don't
> want to wade through seven files to turn those things off. Basically,
> I'd like something like LILO that understands ext4.
> Thanks,
> SteveT
> Steve Litt                *  http://www.troubleshooters.com/
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There are patched versions of Grub Legacy out there that
*understand* ext4 and the use of UUID's. I know that a LiveCD
Debian varient called Mepis, the latest of the 8.5 versions
has this patched version of GRUB Legacy. If you downloaded 
their latest 8.5 LiveCD you could install this patched version 
of Legacy Grub from the LiveCD. (Without having to install OS)
Also the LiveCD version of ArchBang pre systemd 
had a patched version of Grub Legacy also.
Sorry don't remember the "version", just remember that it
was the version pre systemd, as they changed to GRUB2 after
that point in time. I'm sure there are other places to
find this patched version of Grub-Legacy, I just don't remember them
at this point in time. I use both Grub2 and Grub Legacy myself.
I have not messed yet with any UEFI or EFI systems, so can not
comment on that. In my case I use Grub Legacy (installed MBR 
and first ext partition on HDD's) and install all GRUB2 to the 
root partition of all other GNU/Linux installs on drives. 
I can boot directly to any of the other Linux installs 
from Grub-Legacy or chainload to GRUB2 
for it's added features if need be. 
(boot directly from ISO's etc.)

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