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Re: Logging of commands in a bash script to a file

Hi, Tom.

On Tuesday, 22 April 2014 23:18:30 +0100,
Tom Furie wrote:

> > I'm writing a bash script that runs several routing commands. I would
> > like these commands, on a part of the script, plus run, are saved to a
> > log file.

> I'm having trouble processing this paragraph. Are you saying that you
> want to run a script and have the commands within the script (and their
> output) recorded in another file?

What I meant is to have a group of commands in a script that, in
addition to being executed, I want these commands are stored in a log. I
will give an example to clarify. My script has the following lines

$IP route add ${VPN_NET[$N]} dev ${VPN_IFACE[$N]} src ${VPN_IP[$N]} table $N
$IP route add default via ${VPN_GW[$N]} table $N

$IP route add ${VPN_NET[$N]} dev ${VPN_IFACE[$N]} src ${VPN_IP[$N]}
$IP rule add from ${VPN_IP[$N]} table $N

Then, I want those four lines to be executed and then each line is
copied to a file with the appropriate substitutions.

Thanks for responding.

Best regards,
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