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Re: Sudo Autoremove wanting to kill my system?

On Tue, 2014-04-22 at 20:12 +0100, Brian wrote: 
> On Tue 22 Apr 2014 at 13:24:17 -0500, c. marlow wrote:
> > it looks like AUTOREMOVE is wanting to remove everything from the
> > system? 
> Don't exagerate. It merely wants to remove a few packages which are not
> being used by anything. If anything really critical to the system was
> about to be removed you would receive a warning.
> The system is safe. Whether the users of it like the end result is a
> different matter.
> >         But I dont understand why and is it safe to say yes its not
> > wanting to remove the whole system? It is because I removed LXDE and now
> > using XFCE?
> It isn't removing the whole system. The kernel and libc6 are still in
> place; everything is ok with the world.
> Make a note of packages you might want to reinstall; libreoffice? xsane?
> Otherwise say 'yes'.

Well, it did kill my window manager I had to reinstall LIGHTDM 

it was kinda cool at first, when booting up it would go straight to
terminal entry with

log in:

then it would say your last login was at ...... pm
no new messages

soon as I loged in and startx I went straight to my desktop, but I went
ahead and installed all the LIGHTDM components and rebooted now I get a
graphical log in screen instead of a terminal prompt. 

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