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Re: ecryptfs being unmounted while user is still logged in


Dňa Tue, 22 Apr 2014 14:19:21 +0200 Roland Hieber <lists@rohieb.name>

> On 20.04.2014 00:49, Roland Hieber wrote:
> > Unfortunately, I cannot find anything related in /var/log/*, but I
> > have the feeling that it has to do with my recent switch to
> > systemd-sysv.
> For the record, purging systemd-sysv and installing sysvinit-core
> again got rid of that nasty bug. I would like to file a bug report,
> but I'm not sure which package is really at fault here – systemd or
> ecryptfs?

You can fill bug against ecryptfs. If maintainer (or someone other) to
decide that this is needed, it can be reassigned to another package...



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