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Re: install cinnamon

On Monday 21 April 2014 20:43:31 c. marlow wrote:
> What I was wanting to ask you though is:

That belonged here, and not in a private mail to Brian.

> I was just curious why that question would not be allowed into the
> group? Isnt this group for Debian users that are using plain debian
> and not a directive as in Ubuntu, mint?

It is "allowed" in - it's here, isn't it?  And yes this list is for Debian.

> Isnt this group for all Desktop Environments Xfce, Lxde, Gnome 3?

And yes, this list (list, not group) is for all desktops, though some are more 
likely to be helped here than others.  I myself use Trinity  When I 
want help for that, I don't come here!

But you have missed the point as Tom pointed out.  Balint hijacked a thread.  
So far, this has prevented the original poster from getting a reply.  Balint 
should have started a fresh thread by sending a new email, not just replying 
to another email which had nothing to do with his subject.


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