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Re: Personal Recommendations for Free List Compatible Email Service

On 21 April 2014 18:25, Patrick Bartek <bartek047@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Don't know yet if all gmail accounts will get their mail sent to the
> phone or not. (Probably not) But more investigation is needed.  I want
> to be sure.
> B

Downloading existing and new mail is optional. You can set how many
days of mail to sync, and choose which labels to sync and which ones
not to bother with.
For example, I have filters for a few mailing lists that make messages
for those lists skip the inbox, and I do not have the mailing list
labels selected for automatic syncing. As a result, I never download
those emails on the phone.
Notifications can be switched off for an account and on for another,
so if you never want to get notifications on account x, but still be
notified for account y, that's easy to do.


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