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kmail2 - where are the mails?

Hi folks, 

I need a little bit help. When changing from kmail to kmail2 and changing to 
akonadi, it looks like the mails are no more stored in ~/Mail.

Until two weeks ago I still could syncronize the folder ~/Mail among my 
several computers and got all mails on every computer.

Now this is not working any more. However, I looked into the other (as google 
told) folders. 

Theese are ~/.local/share/loacal-mail/  as well as 
~/.kde/share/apps/kmail/mail/ and ~/.kde/share/apps/kmail2/mail/autosave/

I would like to syncronize again, and if I am correct, I must syncronize the 
akonadi database somehow. Of course I do not want to destroy my mails (as some 
of them may not be lost on any circumstances), I hope, you can tell me, how I 
can syncronize my mails viceversa without any danger. 

On the other hand it may be, that ~/Mail is still working and used by akonadi, 
and mjy problem is caused somwhere else.

Thanks for any help.

Best regards


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