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OT: help to find package for libstdc++-libc6.1-1.so.2

On Mon, 2014-04-21 at 13:30 +0800, patel rajendra wrote:
> I am using Ubuntu 10.04

Then why do sent a request to the Debian user mailing list?


>  and one of my program needs libstdc++-libc6.1-1.so.2 file.

At the Ubuntu mailing list you should take heed of the following

Write plain text mails only, IOW never ever send HTML formatted mails to
a mailing list. Several people send HTML to *buntu lists, but be aware
that there are other mailing lists where they will ban you for writing
HTML formatted mails. Usage of HTML even is stupid for private and
business mails.

Inform the list what program you try to install that has got unmet
dependencies, preferably post the messages you get.

> Can anyone point to right package from where I can install this file
> to my system.

You should inform from what source you try to install a package. I have
got doubts that a package from the official repositories has got unmet

> Thanks in advance for reading and replying this post.
> Research Scholar,E.C.E. Department

Apropos "Research Scholar". https://startpage.com/ is your friend. It's
common practise to search the Internet, before writing to mailing lists.
Research could preserve you from writing mails to wrong mailing lists
and might also answer your question regarding the missing package.

> MANIT, Bhopal
> M:(91)8085090402, H:(91)8602677554

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