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Re: 'no-fixes' in stable

On Fri 18 Apr 2014 at 12:41:25 +0100, wobbly-hs wrote:

> If Debian stable can't provide a reliable desktop long term, then I appear
> to have reached the end of the Linux line. What to do? Cross my fingers and
> hope in the benevolence of Mr Shuttleworth's Ubuntu LTS to keep the upstream
> from causing hiccups? Or go fully proprietary and join the masses giving up a
> bit of security and control?

A third option:

Go to


Input 'python-cups' in the 'Search package directories' field.  Click.
Do you see 'wheezy-backports' at the top of the page you get?  Click.
Another click on the package name. Is #656640 fixed in the package?
'Debian Changelog'. Click.

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