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Re: 'no-fixes' in stable

On Fri, 18 Apr 2014 12:26:55 +020, Ralf Mardorf wrote 

>Don't rely on the policy of a distro, DIY sometimes will fix issues

My reason for using Debian stable is because I have spent too much time in the
past fixing things myself / getting help etc.  I've used Fedora for many
years, then Ubuntu, then Fedora then Debian.  Our house has been
'windows-free' for nearly nine years now.

While I appreciate your good intention it does not answer my question or
address my need.  There is an ethos among Linux users to encourage learning,
but there is a lack of acknowledgement that a person can't be expert in every
aspect of modern life, and some people (my programming days are currently
over) need an OS that 'just works' reliably. I can invest time in set-up if I
can then leave things to keep working. But the tinkerers keep breaking things!
If Debian stable can't provide a reliable desktop long term, then I appear
to have reached the end of the Linux line. What to do? Cross my fingers and
hope in the benevolence of Mr Shuttleworth's Ubuntu LTS to keep the upstream
from causing hiccups? Or go fully proprietary and join the masses giving up a
bit of security and control?

Sometimes I really wish computers had never been invented.

But thanks for replying anyway.
Kind regards

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