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Re: libssl1.0.0:amd64 1.0.1e-2+deb7u7 upgrade fail

On Apr 17, 2014, at 5:02 PM, Chris Hiestand <chiestand@salk.edu> wrote:

> Setting up libssl1.0.0:amd64 (1.0.1e-2+deb7u7) ...
> Checking for services that may need to be restarted...done.
> Checking init scripts...
> dpkg: error processing libssl1.0.0:amd64 (--configure):
> subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 10

Problem solved. Turns out that because of a misconfigured debconf database this
system was missing the libraries/restart-without-asking entry - which would
crash the libssl1.0.0 postinst script.

In order to fix it, you can do something like put the following into your
debconf database (often found at /var/cache/debconf/config.dat):

Name: libraries/restart-without-asking
Template: libraries/restart-without-asking
Value: true
Owners: libssl1.0.0
Flags: seen

note: "Value: true" means to restart services without asking - this is potentially unsafe.


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