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Re: Matrox G450 PCI DVI with modern xorg ?

Le 15/04/2014 22:01, Mark Carroll a écrit :
> I have a Matrox G450 video card in a 5v 33MHz PCI slot in an old system.
> I hope to get DVI output from it, I don't care about using the other
> head. While the console is fine, I can't get xorg to work with it.
> I have tried various approaches. I've tried installing xorg from both
> wheezy and sid. I've tried downloading the mga_drv.so and mga_hal_drv.so
> from Matrox and using Option "IgnoreABI" instead of using the one from
> xserver-xorg-video-mga. I have tried setting DigitalScreen options in
> xorg.conf. I've tried un-blacklisting matroxfb_base.ko, not that I have
> managed to get any /dev/fb? devices to appear, in case Option "UseFBDev"
> or Driver "fbdev" helped. Basically, I've googled for ideas and tried
> the ones I could, yet "startx" always acts as if to just turn off the
> video output altogether. I can't switch to any other virtual consoles,
> but if I start xorg in parallel with a sleep 20 ; killall xinit then
> eventually the monitor wakes back up and I get to see my console again.
> Rather than trying many more speculative adjustments, I am wondering:
> does anybody else actually have this hardware working with a modern 
> xorg under Debian? If so, maybe you can share what you have in relevant
> configuration, and what you had to do? Or, failing that, does anyone
> have any suggestions? ("Spend more on video cards," perhaps!)
> -- Mark

Hi Mark,

I would suggest to install firmware-linux-non-free if not already
installed, and reboot to test.
If not sufficient, I would try to boot the kernel with the nomodeset
option to disable KMS: I do not know if KMS is enabled at boot for your
graphic card but anyhow, I doubt it can manage it.
In case of failure, I would inquire about (EE) error codes in

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