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Matrox G450 PCI DVI with modern xorg ?

I have a Matrox G450 video card in a 5v 33MHz PCI slot in an old system.
I hope to get DVI output from it, I don't care about using the other
head. While the console is fine, I can't get xorg to work with it.

I have tried various approaches. I've tried installing xorg from both
wheezy and sid. I've tried downloading the mga_drv.so and mga_hal_drv.so
from Matrox and using Option "IgnoreABI" instead of using the one from
xserver-xorg-video-mga. I have tried setting DigitalScreen options in
xorg.conf. I've tried un-blacklisting matroxfb_base.ko, not that I have
managed to get any /dev/fb? devices to appear, in case Option "UseFBDev"
or Driver "fbdev" helped. Basically, I've googled for ideas and tried
the ones I could, yet "startx" always acts as if to just turn off the
video output altogether. I can't switch to any other virtual consoles,
but if I start xorg in parallel with a sleep 20 ; killall xinit then
eventually the monitor wakes back up and I get to see my console again.

Rather than trying many more speculative adjustments, I am wondering:
does anybody else actually have this hardware working with a modern 
xorg under Debian? If so, maybe you can share what you have in relevant
configuration, and what you had to do? Or, failing that, does anyone
have any suggestions? ("Spend more on video cards," perhaps!)

-- Mark

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