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Re: AMD Graphics on Debian 7.4

> You have to find the exact package and install it by name, not just 
> plug a word in and panic!!  As you see, I have multiarch-support 
> installed.  If you _can't_ see that I have multiarch-support 
> installed, and I am assuming too much, then I suggest that you read 
> up a bit on how to manage package managers.

Thank you for the follow-up.  I apologize for being so terse.  Researching multiarch turned up no single package or even a suggestion of multiple specific files.  I did find:

dpkg --add-architecture i386

This seemed like a multiarch solution but in fact did not resolve the ATI installation problem.   The only clue I got was through Synaptic.

I found multiarch content using Synaptic.  There were several packages as you indicated.  When all packages were selected, some were marked in red.  So I backed out and found which were not compatible due to red marks.  It was not obvious why they were not compatible; when reviewing the descriptions, some had the same description but responded differently to selection matching.  Through trial and error, I found the maximum set of components that could be mutually selected.  

Obviously I didn't know what I was doing; just because I got all green lights didn't tell me the selection was the solution.  Most troubling was with the maximum count, those left out were i386.  This just doesn't seem correct; why is the alternate architecture (i386) not selectable?  It would seem that without the i386 components, it really wouldn't be a multiarch solution.  Or did I miss something (again)?  Is there a sequence that these need to be installed under?


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