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OpenSSH Packages No Longer Suggest openssh-blacklist

I have been using Debian Testing (Jessie) and tried to upgrade today, and
aptitude tried to remove openssh-blacklist and openssh-blacklist-extra as they
were no longer used.  Upon further inspection, in...

Debian Wheezy:
openssh-client and openssh-server recommend openssh-blacklist and

Debian Jessie Recently (according to the packages on my system before the upgrade):
openssh-client and openssh-server suggest openssh-blacklist and

Debian Jessie Currently:
Neither openssh-client nor openssh-server depend on openssh-blacklist or
openssh-blacklist-extra in any way

I do not quite know which programs use the blacklist, but what is the reason for
this change?  Shouldn't the client, the server, or both at least suggest
openssh-blacklist?  I couldn't find anything about this in the changelogs.

Alex Robbins

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