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Re: Question regarding swap partition when installing Linux Mint Debian.

Le 03/02/2014 12:50, Chen Wei a écrit :
On Mon, Feb 03, 2014 at 02:38:16AM -0800, Rick Thomas wrote:
For example, if you decide to put /tmp in a ramdisk, you may want to
allocate a swap partition that's much larger than your RAM as backup
in case somebody needs *lots* of space in /tmp.
+1 for the /tmp example.

My personal rule of thumb is, "Start with twice your RAM and adjust
from there depending on experience."
How about use a swapfile? Given the large RAM today, allocate dozens
gigabytes of swap partition that rarely used seems a waste. Besides, it
is easier to change the size of a swapfile than size of a swap

You can automate the management of a swap file with swapspace :

Description : dynamic swap space manager
Small, stable system add-on that continuously and automatically adapts available virtual memory space to your actual memory needs. Claims disk space for use as swap space when needed; frees it up for use by the filesystem when not needed.
Site : http://pqxx.org/development/swapspace

With 8 or even now 16GB of RAM, I reallly don't need swap. Most of the time.

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