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Strange networking behavior

Hi Debian-Users,

I got a network problem with one of my Debian VMs.
The VM runs on an ESX Host (5.1) with several other VMs (SLES11).

It´s a Debian 6 (can´t upgrade due to errors with the other running
software at the moment) which hosts a Network Management System
(Opsview) based on nagios.

If I disconnect a network switch in another building several other hosts
get unavailable (are not pingable anymore).
If I try to ping these hosts from one of the SLES machines on the same
ESX host they are reachable.
So it isn´t a failure in ESX Network Configuration etc.

It takes about an hour before the hosts get back to state "pingable" on
the Debian machine.
So for any reason the debian host can´t get to these hosts, but after a
sort of random amount of time everything is fine again.

Anyone got a hint where to search for a solution to that?

Best regards
Florian Götz

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Florian Götz


Dipl.-Inf. (FH) Florian Götz
Rechenzentrum Hochschule Mannheim
Paul-Wittsack-Straße 10    
68163 Mannheim
Tel: 0621/292-6232

EMail:     f.goetz@hs-mannheim.de
Internet:     http://www.rz.hs-mannheim.de


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