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Re: CIFS mount hangs

On 21/11/13 22:39, assmann@skygate.de wrote:
> Hi,
> I tried your tricks, removing auto, adding _netdev but the problem
> still exists. I seems to happen when I am not working on the share for
> a certain amount of time. The share seems to be lost then....this did
> not happen under wheezy. So I am thinking about, what kind of code to
> blame? mount.cifs? Maybe try some kind of APT-Pinning to find out?
> (Never tried this till before).

I'd try 1x1 (isolation testing) first. Starting with "# mount -a" when
the network resource is unavailable and looking at any error messages.
Or try a manual mount (when the network resource is unavailable).

How does "$ testparm -v" on the new box compare with the same from the
box that did work?

> Any ideas to debug and understand are welcome.

The output of:
$ testparm -v

Plus the settings used on the boxes that host the samba resources might
be informative.
Do you have any logs from the other boxes?

> TIA!
>> On 19/11/13 23:33, assmann@skygate.de wrote:
>>> Dear list,
>>> since my upgrade to wheezy I have a problem with a cifs mount. It is a
>>> share of my windows host. The setup worked fine in debian squeeze.

the _netdev will create an error message, but it still works (allows a
normal boot if a cifs resource is unavailable).

None of the wheezy boxes I build have problems with cifs dropping out
that isn't the fault of the Windoof part of the network, nor do I know
of any problems similar to yours - so my best guess would be that Debian
is the wrong end of the problem. I didn't see any relevant bug
reports.... perhaps if you tell us more about the rest of the network?

With Squeeze I did have some problems with a mostly Windoof WAN (some
Apples) due to routing problems but that was solved by using autofs. If
you can't solve the cause of the problem by looking at the logs on the
other boxes in your network I'd suggest autofs.

You could also try the samba mailing list?  samba@lists.samba.org

Kind regards.

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