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Re: 32-bit problems with nvidia packages

Am Dienstag, 13. August 2013 schrieb Brad Alexander:
> Hi Hans,
> Is it possible that you have some version creep? I had this on my multiarch
> sid system. There was a bug which made all of the VTs disappear. The quick
> fix was to upgrade a few of the packages (including nvidia-glx, iirc) to
> the version from experimental. Well, a few weeks ago, I upgraded and it
> broke several things, including my cisco anyconnect client, whch I only had
> in 32bit. Downgrading everything to the same version (304.88 in sid, which
> I believe is supposed to be a long-term support release of that driver)
> fixed things quite handily.
> HTH,
> --b

Hi Brad!

No, I don't think so. The problem appeared first at multiarch. It was when I 
removed ia32-libs* out of the way. Since that day, the problem appeared. It is 
not only googleearth, which face this, it is also other 32-bit apps, that make 

With googleearth the problem is good to see: When everything is running fine, 
the earth appears, if not, you get a gray background. 

My 32-bit flight simulator (X-Plane) for example, does not start, too. And 
notice: The problem does NOT appear, when I install using NVidia's installer! 
So the problem MUST be in the 32-bit part of debian packages. 

As I said, there WAS a bugreport related to this, but maybe it is closed 
meanwhile. If not, hope some developer might be reminded at this.




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