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Re: Installing mysqldump

Ethan Rosenberg, PhD wrote:
> When I try to to run mysqldump, I receive the following message:
> ERROR 2002 can't connect to local mysql server thru socket
> '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)

That tells me that you do not have mysql running.

> I am a newbie and do not lhow to interpert the log.
> What now?

What is the output of these commands?

  env COLUMNS=80 dpkg -l | grep mysql-server

Should say:

  ii  mysql-server   5.5.31+dfsg- all      MySQL database server (metapackag
  ii  mysql-server-5 5.5.31+dfsg- amd64    MySQL database server binaries an
  ii  mysql-server-c 5.5.31+dfsg- amd64    MySQL database server binaries

This one needs root:

  service mysql restart

Should say:

  Stopping MySQL database server: mysqld.
  Starting MySQL database server: mysqld ..
  Checking for tables which need an upgrade, are corrupt or were 
  not closed cleanly..


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