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Re: Re: failure to configure and compile a source code.

Bob wrote:

atar wrote:
I've downloaded from bluez.org the source of the 5.7 package but

Any reason not to use the Debian packaged version already in Debian?

when I ran ./configure on it, it emitted an error message at the
bottom of all the messages saying:
"checking for GLIB... no
configure: error: GLib >= 2.28 is required"
This, although I've the glib libraries installed.

Please verify that you have the libglib2.0-dev package installed.  It
contains the development libraries.

 dpkg -l libglib2.0-dev

How can this problem be solved?

The glib development library is probably only the first missing
dependency that you hit.  I am sure there will be a long list of
others that will also need to be installed.

Try installing all of the build dependencies for the building the
Debian package.  This will probably be all that you need.

 apt-get build-dep bluez


Thanks you very much about your kind and detailed response!!

Any reason not to use the Debian packaged version already in Debian?

That's because the exist package of the bluetooth stack don't succeed to handle successfully the bluetooth device I have. whenever I have tried to configure my BT device using the 'hciconfig' command it encounters problems and says it cannot communicate with the BT device due to a timeout error. do you have any idea how to solve the timeout error? I'll be happy to hear.

Thanks in advance!!


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