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Re: Migrating 32 -> 64

Am Samstag, 10. August 2013, 20:25:46 schrieb Gregory Seidman:
> I have a low-cost (i.e. old and refurbished) server at home, but it's
> showing indications of impending hardware failure (e.g. the on-board NIC
> was being reset automatically every 2 seconds for a while because it was
> hanging). As a result, I have purchased a new (old and refurbished)
> machine. The difference is that this one has an x86-64 whereas the old one
> is 32-bit.
> Ideally, I'd like to move the HD from the old one to the new one, boot, and
> tell it to upgrade all the packages for the new architecture. Is it that
> easy? Are there complications I need to watch out for? Is there anything I
> should do to prepare before moving the disk (e.g. must I replace LILO with
> grub)?

Since Debian multiarch I think this is possible more easily. I believe that 
instructions are on the web, but I do not know the exact URL. So search for 

Avoid any pre multi-arch instructions. There are some with some blinking 
warning text (well pre iceweasel 23), I´d rather not try nowadays.

Do a backup before

I mean it: Do a backup before.

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