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Re: owncloud no longer in wheezy

On Fri, Aug 9, 2013 at 7:07 PM, Sean Alexandre <sean@alexan.org> wrote:
I see owncloud is no longer in wheezy, and I'm trying to understand why. Where
can I find information on why a package was pulled from a release?

I see this, but it only seems to say when it was pulled:

It was pulled from testing to unstable on 2013-05-14. I'd like to understand why,
(and how this works in general.)

Is there somewhere else I can check?
searched "owncloud debian package wheezy" on Google, got this:


Nabble kindly puts the links to the debian archives in:


In brief, the development on owncloud is really fast-paced at this point. The owncloud developers were maintaining three versions in April and did not have enough core developer manpower to even keep that up. So, it was removed at their suggestion.

I'm trying to understand the Debian development process as much as anything.

If you can't keep enough developers on it to keep up with security patches, you don't want it in the repositories.
(I had installed owncloud on a wheezy box when wheezy was testing. I want to
install it again, but this time on wheezy stable.)

According to the thread, if things went well, it should be in backports. (I haven't checked.)

Joel Rees

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