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Re: nvidia module

> Check to see if you have a symbolic link "nvidia"
> in /usr/lib/nvidia which eventually points
> to /usr/lib/nvidia/current/nvidia_drv.so
yes i have:

/usr/lib/nvidia/nvidia: symbolic link to `/etc/alternatives/nvidia'
/etc/alternatives/nvidia: symbolic link to `/usr/lib/nvidia/current'
# file /usr/lib/nvidia/current
/usr/lib/nvidia/current: directory
# ls /usr/lib/nvidia/current
libglx.so	  nv-control-dpy	nvidia_drv.so  nvidia-settings	    
libglx.so.304.88  nvidia-bug-report.sh	nvidia.ids     nvidia-settings.1.gz

> And if you're trying to install the nvidia graphics driver, modprobe
> isn't the way to do it, at least, on Wheezy.  You need to create an
> xorg.conf file in /etc/X11 and blacklist the default driver, most
> likely nouveau, in /etc/modprobe.d, then reboot.  Google for the
> specific instructions.

i have jessy. why modprobe cannot find nvidia_drv.so? when i used wheezy i
didnot need the xorg.conf. it stopped to work after upgrading. There was
no problem when i had upgraded from wheeze to jessy. But when kernel
version was changed to 3.9 the problem was occuring. What can be broken?

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